'Project Runway' cheating drama continues on reunion special

On the reunion special of Project Runway, Claire Buitendorp addressed the season's most controversial moment --- when designer, Michael Brambila told Tim Gunn that Claire was breaking the rules by using a tape measure outside of the workroom. Although she confessed to doing just that, she backpedaled on her confession during the reunion special.

"So yes, I admitted to having a measuring tape. I had absentmindedly taken it home one day from the workroom because, come on, things happen. You have late nights. Things get misplaced. They get put in pockets, and things come home," Claire said.

When Gunn directly asked if she had used it outside of the workroom, this time she said no.

Claire went on to explain that she took the measurements in the bathroom of the workroom and not at her hotel, so she was confused at the time of her confession.

Gunn said, "That's not what you said when I said, 'Do you have a tape measure at home?'" Claire replied, "Well, my God, how many questions were being thrown at me at once?"

Claire and her twin sister Shawn were always a source of drama and irritation for the other designers, so when Claire suddenly backpedaled on her previous confession, they weren't having it.