Property public meeting held

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ADELAIDE-METCALFE - A public meeting was held during the recent Twp. Council 19 July 2021 for a property application.

In a presentation by Stephanie Porter, it was noted that the purpose of the application for the zoning bylaw amendment is to implement a condition for a severance of consent which conditionally severed a lot that was an area of approximately 0.44 hectares or 1.08 acres in order to accommodate the disposal of a surplus farm dwelling.

The application proposed amendments of the zoning be severed from the general agricultural or rezone to a surplus dwelling zone to recognize the residential use of the lands.

The application also proposed zoning the lot to be retained from General Agricultural to Agricultural.

The notice of the application was circulated in accordance with the requirements of the Planning Act and staff received the following comments.

According to Portier, “Enbridge gas does have service lines running within the area which may or may not affect the proposed severance. Should the proposed severance impact these services it may be necessary to terminate the gas service and relocate the line according to the new property boundaries.”

Any service relocation required due to the severance would be at the direct cost of the property owner. Also, should future gas service be required to either the severed or retained parcel a request for gas service needs to be submitted.”

The A-M Drainage Superintendent noted that any separate house is not anticipated to be assessed for a municipal drain. Comments from the public: They noted no concerns or objections. And at the time of writing the subject report, no other comments have been received from agencies of the public. The recommendation was that the application is granted. It was moved by Councillor Clark seconded by Councillor McKinnon the motion passed.

Damon MacLean, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Middlesex Banner

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