‘Prophet’ Samuel L. Jackson Explains His Eerily Accurate Prediction About Trump

Ed Mazza

Samuel L. Jackson’s uncanny 2016 warning about President Donald Trump came true, and now he’s hoping it serves as a lesson to voters in the 2020 election. 

On Monday night, Stephen Colbert shared the three-year-old clip of Jackson on the “Late Show” warning about the possibility of a Trump victory at a time when few believed he could beat Hillary Clinton.  

“Don’t think the other thing can’t happen. That’s why the Brexit is trying to get a recall right now, but we’re not gonna get a do-over,” Jackson said at the time.

“You’re a prophet and you didn’t know it,” Colbert said, and asked the “Shaft” star how it feels to be right.

“I didn’t want to be right,” Jackson said. “I hope I was trying to be funny.”  

Although Jackson refused to offer a new prediction for 2020, he said the 2016 results should serve as a warning. 

“I was really hoping people would go vote, and I hope they’ll go vote now because now they know what can happen,” he said. 

See their full conversation below: 

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