Proposal for silent fireworks displays ditched by Halifax city council

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HALIFAX — City councillors in Halifax have scrapped the idea of using "silent fireworks" to make municipal pyrotechnic displays more inclusive for those coping with post-traumatic stress disorder and autism spectrum disorder.

Earlier this week, councillors endorsed a staff report that concluded there is no such thing as silent fireworks, and that substituting hundreds of LED-equipped drones for regular fireworks would be complex and very expensive.

The report says the Alberta town of Banff replaced its traditional 2019 Canada Day and New Year’s Eve fireworks displays with low-altitude, low-noise pyrotechnic displays, mainly to reduce the impact on wildlife.

But a letter from town officials in Banff confirmed the "in-person explosions" were loud enough to echo off the surrounding mountains.

The staff report says Halifax should continue making every effort to provide advance warning of public fireworks displays.

And it recommends requiring all grant applications for fireworks shows to include proof of notification to the community.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published July 2, 2021.

The Canadian Press

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