Proposed PC Connect transit change adds Atwood stop for Kitchener-Waterloo route

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NORTH PERTH – PC Connect, which initially launched in November under a partial service model with reduced stops and adjusted hours, has now transitioned to the full-service model throughout Perth County, to Kitchener-Waterloo and London. The 50 per cent discount on fares has been extended until at least March 31.

The lockdown from Dec. 26 to Feb. 16 had a substantial impact on current ridership. The project team is doing some outreach to local industries to see what adjustments can be made to the route schedules so that they work for employees using PC Connect.

An update is being proposed to Route 1, which runs between Listowel and Conestoga Mall in Waterloo and the GO station in Kitchener.

“Based on feedback and observations from the customers we’re proposing to change the route from direct Listowel to K-W to more of a loop which does allow us to put back in the St. Jacobs Farmer’s Market stop and also permits us to have a bust stop for this route in Atwood,” said North Perth CAO Kriss Snell.

After examining the stop times and locations it was determined the only location that is drastically affected is the change to Conestoga Mall.

“It gets to Conestoga Mall a little later than originally proposed, but considering that stop is mostly with respect for people wanting to do shopping or excursions outside of the community I don’t see that as a drastic concern,” he said. “Unless someone has some concerns we’ll be asking the City of Stratford to make the route change.”

The proposed route will run in a loop starting in Listowel and stopping in Atwood, Newton, Millbank, St. Jacobs, Conestoga Mall, Grand River Transit GO station, Elmira and back to Listowel.

Mayor Todd Kasenberg asked whether council needed to give firm direction for this route change.

“Not really because it’s not our project,” said Snell. “The City of Stratford is setting the routes though they have said many times they will take direction from North Perth on this.”

Council agreed with the suggested route change.

Colin Burrowes, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Listowel Banner