Pros Says These TikTok Cleaning Products Are Actually Worth Your Money

Pros Says These TikTok Cleaning Products Are Actually Worth Your Money

If you've fallen down TikTok's #CleanTok rabbit hole lately, you'll likely find that your feed is full of cleaning videos showing off products and methods promising quick, easy results. Like many, you may be wondering if these TikTok cleaning hacks are actually as effective as they seem, or if it's a transformation brought to you by video editing. With over 64.8 billion views, #CleanTok videos dive into every aspect of cleaning a home, from stain removal to refrigerator organization to steam cleaning. The more TikTok cleaning videos you watch, the more you'll start to notice the same cleaning products being praised over and over, leaving you wanting to try them for yourself.

Read on to find the 14 best TikTok cleaning products—all of which are on Amazon—that will help you clean everything from set-in upholstery stains to baked-on grease.

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1) Little Green Cleaner



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Whether you want to clean your couch or remove playroom stains like TikTok user @tipsandtricksfortots did in this review, the Little Green Cleaner continues to be a reliable choice for removing dirt and stains from upholstery, rugs, car interiors and more. It's a handy portable cleaner that's easy to maintain and stores away neatly.

2) Long Handle Wall Cleaner



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Stop bending over to clean baseboards or standing on chairs to dust hard-to-reach corners. The handle on this viral wall mop can extend up to 60 inches, helping you reach the places you don't often polish (like the top of cabinets). Thanks to this handy mop, you can wipe down your doors and walls from floor to ceiling like TikTok user @livecomposed does with the help of CHOMP!'s accompanying wall spray.

3) EasyWring Microfiber Spin Mop



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When it comes to mops, TikTok has a clear favorite: the O-Cedar spin mop. It is easy to use and keeps clean and dirty water separate. Just be sure to wring it out well if you are using it on hardwood floors.

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4) The Pink Stuff

Star Drops


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Aptly dubbed "The Miracle All Purpose Cleaning Paste," The Pink Stuff can be used on a variety of surfaces including porcelain, stovetops, countertops, metal, stainless steel and more. In one TikTok, user @cleanwithbukky used The Pink Stuff to eliminate burn marks from the bottom of a pan. The paste is available on its own or as part of The Pink Stuff cleaning bundle.

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5) Sponge Set

Scrub Daddy


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Shark Tank favorite Scrub Daddy has become a viral TikTok sensation and not just for the entertaining videos on the brand's own account. #CleanTok users reach for Scrub Daddy sponges to clean a variety of surfaces, from dirty dishes to greasy kitchen cabinets, as demonstrated in a video filmed by TikTok user @cleanthatup.

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6) Soap Dispensing Scrub Brush



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A dish brush? For your shower? Users are loving this TikTok cleaning hack that's as easy as leaving a soap dispensing dish brush in your shower and using it to wipe down the walls or door while you're showering.

7) S1000 Steam Mop



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One of the best steam mops of 2023, this inexpensive steam mop has a removable water tank that makes for easy refilling. Our consumer testers loved how the mop snaps together and stores in the upright position, unlike other mops.

8) Platinum Powerwash Dish Spray



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This Dawn dish spray wowed users with its de-greasing power on both light grime and baked-on grease. Not just for cleaning dishes, user @malloryhudsonxo shares a TikTok cleaning hack for scrubbing down microwaves with the help of Dawn Powerwash.

9) Powdered Cleanser

Bar Keepers Friend


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Bar Keepers Friend will be your friend, too. It's great for cleaning stainless steel, porcelain, ceramic and brass surfaces—but it's a mildly abrasive cleaner, so avoid delicate surfaces. Instead, use it to clean stubborn messes in your kitchen and bathroom as TikTok user @thecleanspace demonstrates in this video where a stained porcelain sink becomes white again.

(Bar Keepers Friend)
10) Power Toilet Bowl Gel Cleaner



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This cleaner may require a bit of elbow grease when scrubbing the toilet, but for the price, it is still a top-rated toilet bowl cleaner. The angled neck bottle gets right under the toilet bowl rim. Claiming to kill 99.9% of viruses and bacteria, the dark blue cleaner clings to the bowl so it's also easy to see where it's applied.

11) Instant Carpet Spot Remover



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It's all in the name. As one of the best carpet stain removers, Folex acts quickly. You can remove an old grease stain from a wool rug with visible results in seconds. While it appears sudsy, blotting leaves no residue behind, so there was no need to rinse. Watch TikTok user @ravenelysetv remove a stubborn marker stain from the carpet with the help of Folex.

12) Dishcloths

Swedish Wholesale


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Swedish dishcloths might just replace paper towels in your household. The absorbent cloths act like paper towels when drying up spills or wiping dishes clean. However, once they're dirty, you can clean them in the washing machine and reuse them over and over. This video from TikTok user @krysgier shows just how easy a Swedish dishcloth is to use.

13) Floor ONE S3 Cordless Vacuum



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People love this vacuum mop for its water and suction sensors that automatically increase when larger amounts of debris are detected. TikTok user @thecleaningcorner tried the Tineco S3 against a variety of substances your kitchen floor might see on a day-to-day basis, including yogurt and oregano—and it cleaned them all up with ease.

14) Retractable Lint Roller



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Hair, crumbs, fuzz and dust are no match for your outfit when you have a travel-sized lint roller you can take on the go. Its handy retractability means that the sticky sheets won't get covered in dirt and debris when it sits at the bottom of your bag. Or, leave one inside your end table to quickly pick up pet hair on your couch or bed the way TikTok user @passionista_soul does.


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