Protest at Confederation Centre calls for a moratorium on school closures

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School review decisions to be made on Monday

A protest organized by the Georgetown Strategic Advisory Council was staged outside the Confederation Centre of the Arts in Charlottetown tonight.

The Centre was hosting CBC Presents: The National in Conversation with Peter Mansbridge.

Organizers say between 40 and 50 people were at the protest. 

The timing and location was designed to draw as much attention to the issue of rural school closures as possible.

'Spread the word'

There are several goals of this rally and the others like it that have taken place over the past few months according to the organizers.

"We thought this was an opportunity just to spread the word," said Stacy Toms, a member of the Georgetown Strategic Advisory Council. "The more people that can find out that Prince Edward Island is one of the only places that does not have an elected school board, it's pretty major."

Toms said that protesters wanted government action in addition to the issue of elected school boards.

"We're looking for them to call a moratorium on the School Change Report, and to call a moratorium on closing schools."

'Under attack'

Since the announcement of the proposed closures, rural communities across P.E.I. have come together to fight what they see as an attack on their communities.

"We're here to be visible and to let the people who are coming into the [Confederation] Centre know that there is a very, very important issue facing Islanders," said Allan Rankin.

Rankin lives near Hunter River. P.E.I., and had four children go to rural schools on the Island.

"Rural P.E.I. is under attack, we believe, by this government," said Rankin 

"That's why we're here." 

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