Protestors ask for right to choose and privacy

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Several dozen people, of varying ages and from all walks of life, gathered at the Davidson Centre on the evening of Sept. 29 to participate in a peaceful, 30-minute silent stand. Carrying signs with messages asking for medical privacy, an X through the words vaccine passport and make Canada free again, among others, the group gathered on either side of the centre entrance on Durham Street.

Nelly King, a spokesperson for the group, said the participants are “concerned about the way the mandates are taking place, and we’re just here to show that we respect everyone and we would like to be respected as individuals, whether we are vaccinated or unvaccinated. We have laws and we have freedoms in this country and we’re just stating our concern with the path the government is taking with all of these vax passports and the mandate.”

King said some of the participants were concerned parents, whose children are unable to access the Davidson Centre because their parents have chosen that they are either not ready or haven’t decided what to do about the vaccine. This was why they picked the centre as their meeting spot.

“Our freedoms are being taken away even if you’ve had the vaccine and that (is our) right for privacy,” said King.

King pointed to a sign her daughter was holding and said it was a great representation of what the group was all about. The sign stated that we’re all about “body autonomy, medical privacy and right to choose.”

“It’s a peaceful stand that we’re here …we’re not meant to create disunity, in fact we’re trying to create unity from this and we just want Kincardine to know.”

King is not an anti-vaxxer and said “I can promise you there are plenty of people here who are vaccinated. It has nothing to do with that. It has to do with our right to choose.”

“Everyone has the right to choose,” said King, noting that everyone’s medical information is private and personal. She is absolutely fine with everyone’s choices.

“We have a constitution, we have our laws, we have our privacy act, and we are just here to support that and that’s it.”

Tammy Schneider, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Kincardine Independent

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