Province to add photo radar near Wakaw at intersection of Highways 41 and 2

The province has approved a new photo radar location at the Highway 41 and Highway 2 intersection near Wakaw.

The intersection was the site of six fatalities and 45 injuries as a result of crashes between 2011 and 2017, according to a news release issued by the province on Wednesday.

Data showed speed is also a concern at the location, with 42 per cent of motorists exceeding the posted speed limit according to the release.

"We expect the presence of photo speed enforcement to calm traffic and improve safety at this intersection," SGI minister Joe Hargrave said in the news release.

Changes to the intersection's structure were considered, but it was determined it would be cheaper, easier and would cause less frustration for motorists to install photo radar.

The camera is expected to be operational by the end of January.

There will be a three-month grace period where only warninngs will be issued, after which drivers caught speeding will be ticketed.

Wakaw's mayor and the Reeve of the RM of Fish Creek both voiced support for the idea n the release.

The Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure put in application for the camera, according to the news release. It said revenue was not considered in the application process.

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