Province eases rules on dart, pool leagues

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The provincial government is altering rules around dart and pool leagues.

This comes days after establishments that host dart leagues were told all league play was suspended.

A letter sent from the Department of Health and Wellness on Friday says regular leagues and one-time tournaments can go ahead as long as public health requirements are followed.

Recreational dart players were shocked earlier this week to learn about a directive from the province that stated dart leagues in establishments with liquor licences are considered comparable to dart tournaments, which are not permitted.

Fabian Morgan, president of the Hub Amateur Athletic Club in Glace Bay, said he was surprised to receive the directive this week because no one from the province had been in the club.

"I really don't think it's fair," said Morgan. "Until somebody comes to our venue to see what controls we have in place, they should not take that away from us."

Matthew Bingley/CBC
Matthew Bingley/CBC

Now, as long as those who host the leagues and play in them follow public health rules, games can be played.

The requirements include proper physical distancing, cleaning and sanitizing, wearing a mask at all times except when eating or drinking, limiting the number of people at one table, and no sharing of equipment.

The rules shouldn't be difficult for patrons of the Hub Athletic Club to follow. Morgan said everyone who goes in the club has no issue with the rules.

"Everyone is wearing their masks, everyone is keeping their social distancing," he said. "They come and they feel comfortable here knowing that we are on top of things."

He adds that they've never received a complaint about anyone not following the COVID-19 protocols.