Province gives $275,00 to develop medical centre plan

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The South East Grey Community Health Centre has $275,000 in Ministry of Health funding for the planning process for a new medical clinic in Dundalk.

SouthgateTownship CAO Dave Milliner told council in an update last Wednesday that plans could be submitted in 12 to 14 months for approval and construction could start in mid-2022.

The clinic is planned for land beside the Dundalk Fire Hall.

At this point, Steps 1 and 2 of the nine-step process are being submitted to the Ministry.

Deputy-Mayor Brian Milne said that although he’s hopeful, he’s also realistic about the movements of the health ministry’s capital branch. “We’ll see in 2022 whether there’s anything actually happening.”

Mr. Milliner replied, “I think we’ve got a lot of commitment and a lot of push behind this.”

A survey of lands has been completed, as some Grey County land is also involved for parking. An agreement between county and township is expected within the next six weeks.

The survey mapped out lots for the Fire Hall, Dundalk Depot, Huron Bay Co-op, present Dundalk Medical Centre, Rail Trail corridor and the present Medical Centre parking lot.

Southgate has agreed to a long-term lease of its land for the new medical centre building site for a nominal fee.

The staff report said that council could see the site plan agreement between July and October of this year.

Mr. Milliner has asked council to authorize him to work with the South East Grey CHC and the owners of the present medical centre, the Dundalk Lions Club.

The report recommends that council and staff consider the future use of the present Medical Centre parking lot as an option to redevelop this space to increase downtown business parking area.

Rob Sturrock, Lions president, confirmed that the group is talking with the township and the CHC about the future of its property.

M.T. Fernandes, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Dundalk Herald