Province needs a plan to reduce food waste: Opposition

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Province needs a plan to reduce food waste: Opposition

A private member's bill now in the P.E.I. legislature could reduce food waste in the province.

PC MLA Steven Myers introduced Bill 103, the Food Waste Awareness and Strategy Act, and called on the minister of agriculture to develop a multi-year plan to collaborate with farmers, charities and other stakeholders to reduce food waste.

"It's all about food waste and food security and making sure the food gets to people who need it," Myers said.

PCs to gather input from Islanders

Myers said the act focuses on developing a system for donation, storage and distribution of surplus food. 

"We think that if we can adequately reduce food waste here on Prince Edward Island, and make sure that it instead gets to the people that need it the most, then we can help everybody get a good meal."

Myers said PC MLAs are going to consult with people in the agriculture industry to develop the act further and that similar initiatives in Europe countries could serve as a model for the P.E.I. plan.

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