Province removing model fishing village by Wood Islands Lighthouse

The province has contracted a company to remove the aged model fishing village in Wood Islands, P.E.I., because the buildings have been determined to be a safety risk.

Shane Arbing, manager of provincial parks, says the province has looked at removing the buildings for "a couple of seasons" now.

"The fishing village was certainly in a poor state of repair, not very safe at all," Arbing said. "Everybody agreed that at this point, based on sort of the end of their life structure, that it was a good time to remove them."

The fishing village has been a tourist attraction in the area, particular to visitors of the Wood Islands Lighthouse — which neighbours the village on the horn of land in the harbour.

It was put in place by the local development corporation roughly 40 years ago, Arbing said, which recently agreed that it was time for the aging village to go.

'These structures won't be replaced'

The work started earlier this month and is expected to be complete in a few weeks. There is no definitive timeline for when the village needs to be removed, Arbing said, just that the contractor has it finished before summer.

Jill MacKay

"We took them away based on safety," he said. "They've just come to the end of their useful life at this point."

An excavator has been on-site and some of the buildings have been put on a flatbed truck. 

"At this point we've got a number of play structures in Wood Islands Provincial Park that are going to satisfy our customers that are CSA approved. They're all ready to go, so these structures won't be replaced."

Arbing said it's up to the contracted company to do with the village buildings as they please, whether that means taking them to the dump, scrapping the buildings or reselling them in some capacity.

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