Provinces and territories endorse national action plan to end gender-based violence

NEW GLASGOW, N.S. — Canada’s provinces and territories have endorsed the national action plan to end gender-based violence at a federal-provincial meeting in New Glasgow, N.S.

Federal Minister for Women and Gender Equality Marci Ien today announced the endorsement by ministers who are responsible for the status of women.

Ien says the move sets the stage for negotiations to begin "soon" on bilateral agreements for programs in each jurisdiction that are aimed at preventing gender-based violence.

The minister says that’s important because the needs of each province and territory are unique.

The 2022 federal budget committed $539.3 million over five years to assist provinces and territories in implementing the national action plan.

The Quebec government stated that it supports the action plan's objectives but it did not sign on because it intends to retain its full responsibility in the area and expects to receive its share of federal funding to support programs and services in the province.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published Nov. 9, 2022.

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