New provincewide dispatch system for search and rescue

New provincewide dispatch system for search and rescue

Ground search and rescue teams in Nova Scotia are now working from a single dispatch point, allowing them to respond faster to a call for help.

Previously, each of the 23 teams had its own dispatch system with a contact list used to reach members one at a time. The new $69,000 system can reach every member of a team, or several teams, at once.

The dispatch point is located at the Shubenacadie Radio Operations Centre.

"Help will arrive faster to lost Nova Scotians," said Zach Churchill, the minister responsible for the Emergency Management Office.

"I thank the many ground search and rescue volunteers who gave generously of their time to make this happen." 

The federal government contributed $39,000 toward the cost of the project, with the province and search and rescue volunteers covering the rest through in-kind funding.

More than 1,300 volunteers respond to about 50 lost person calls each year.