PRPS and Super T partner with HALO

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Prairie Rose Public Schools’ South Alberta Flight Academy held a fundraising gala Saturday evening, where it was announced the academy and Super T Aviation will be partnering with HALO Air Ambulance in a unique agreement.

Along with their studies, over the past three years students of the academy have built a Vans RV-12 aircraft ready to hit the skies. Not only will the plane be used for flight-school training by academy students, it might soon be added to the HALO fleet for fire spotting and search and rescue missions.

A small two-seater, single-engine plane, the Vans RV-12 is ideal for flight-school training. It is economical to operate, easy to manoeuvre, and often has low maintenance costs.

HALO not only responds to emergency calls but is also actively involved in fire spotting along with search and rescue.

“The BK-117 is a multi-purpose helicopter that is a key tool for the work HALO does,” says HALO CEO Paul Carolan. “There are instances however, such as search and rescue and fire spotting, that we benefit from the use of other aerial aircraft. The Vans RV-12 is a good fit for this type of work and HALO is eager to explore the potential of developing a program in partnership with the South Alberta Flight Academy.”

The partnership would benefit all the organizations involved. In exchange for using the plane, HALO could provide students in the flight academy and those in the recently announced South Alberta Fire Rescue Academy with training and mentorship.

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SAMANTHA JOHNSON, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Medicine Hat News