Psychic fair accentuates the positive during COVID-19

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Dale Woodard Lethbridge Herald

Even with the cold weather outside, the vibes were warm inside.

Which is exactly what it was intended to be as the Gypsy Soul Psychic and Vendor Market took place Saturday at the Sandman Inn.

For Gypsy Soul Psychic and Vendor Market administrator Judy Schacher, the one-day event was all about positivity.

“Anything that is feel-good, all religions and races,” she said. “A lot of positive people and anything that really interests them. Usually the things we sell are the things that draw people.”

In a time of the COVID-19 pandemic and the shutdowns it has brought, accentuating that positive vibe is paramount, said Schacher.

“It’s all about positive healing. It’s really important to keep a positive feeling going with people because everybody is getting depressed and staying home. So it’s nice for them to get out.”

The event attracted local as well as out-of-town vendors from Medicine Hat, Calgary, Cochrane and Airdrie who set up tables featuring crystals, incense, tarot cards, oracle cards, ornaments and candies as well as paintings by some artists.

Ragean Jones, who operates Feeling Inspired Health and Healing in Lethbridge, stressed the importance of people staying grounded in trying times and working on elevating their energy to have more compassion for others.

“We’re all learning through this process what’s important in life,” said Jones, who shared a table with Bridget Rediker, who runs Goddess Glow Spa in Picture Butte. “We have the ability to take control of our own health care. I really believe the power of our mind is a great thing and if we use it correctly it’s all mind, body and soul. If it’s all balanced then your physical and mental body can be healthy. It all works together.”

Jones noted the vendors on hand for Saturday’s event doing their part to spread the upbeat feeling.

“We have a whole bunch of wonderful, high-vibrational people here who are providing readings,” she said. “We have a lady here who does reiki, which is working with people’s energy. I do body balances along with tarot readings. A body balance is on the same level as reiki, it just adds a few different elements. It’s like taking everything I know and have made my own technique of healing people. We have a tea leaf reader here. For us, we provide smudge sticks and have some different kits. There is cord cutting kit and a cacao kit, which is a pure form of chocolate, which is considered a heart medicine. We have a lot of different healing things. We have some oils. Rose oil is very good for your skin and also, on a vibrational level, rose will raise your vibration to the highest level. So it’s good for your energy.”

Jones has been dabbling with tarot cards since she was about 12 years old.

“I was raised in a religious family, so it was not really highly accepted at my time of growing up. The last about 16 years I’ve really been getting into energy work and getting back into the tarot cards and learning to develop and trust my intuition a little bit more.”

Jones said people have been hearing more about The Secret, the Law Of Attraction and the Law of Manifestation.

“We know that everything is made up of energy. If you raise your energy level and you operate at a positive state of being, you can attract and bring in greater, more positive things into your life. So if you’re always focusing on the negative aspects of your life you tend to draw in and create more of those negative aspects. So for me it’s all about intellectualism and emotional stability, getting control over your thoughts and emotions rather than letting your emotions and thoughts control you. That’s what we are trying to promote and help people understand.” Jones said she and Rediker may join forces down the road and change their business names.

In the meantime, Jones does work out of her home.

“I can do readings and energy works on a level where you can do it distantly for somebody else,” she said. “Even if somebody was in the hospital I can do a session. All I need is that person’s permission. It’s still something we can do even if we can’t be in contact with one another. (It can be) Zoom or Skype. I don’t even have to be talking to the person. I can say ‘OK, at this time I’m going to start. Please don’t be driving, just be at home and comfortable. It’s going to take about an hour.’ I’ll then send them a report of whatever comes up for them. I did a body balance for a lady and I wasn’t talking to her in any way. She was in Red Deer at her place and I was here at my place. I told her what time I was going to do it so she could prepare on her end. I sent her a report and she sent one back saying ‘Wow. I can’t believe you got all of that and we’re not even in the same room.’”

But Saturdays’s event was about in-person interaction as a few attendants braved the blast of winter to check out the vendors.

“I think it’s a scene that’s expanding,” said Jones. “I think for a long time it was misunderstood. People have had fear based on their lack of knowledge and understanding. I think people are embracing it more because people need hope. It’s just something we need to do and as light workers we’re all being called to do this work. (We’re) people who are here to help raise the vibration of the collective consciousness. It is a calling. It’s a very strong pull to do this in spite of everything that is going on in the world.”

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Dale Woodard, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Lethbridge Herald