Public to be consulted on possible Burton logging plan

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The chair of the board of education for Arrow Lakes School District 10 says the district will consult with the public before entering into any agreement with a company looking at logging near Burton.

Christine Dixon announced at the board meeting on May 18 that the district had been approached by Stella-Jones, a logging company which has forest tenure rights in the Burton area. Part of its tenure includes an area up the mountain slope from Burton Elementary School.

“Stella-Jones has requested that the board of education for School District 10 consider granting road access through the existing Ruby Ridge Road and to further construct a road across school district property in order to access timber that has experienced fir beetle kill and infestation in recent years,” Dixon said, noting the matter was discussed in camera by the board in April. At that meeting, Dixon said, the logging company shared maps of the proposed road construction across SD 10 property and also identified the proposed cutblocks up the mountain in areas to the east above the school as well as proposed cutblocks located to the northeast on slopes above the community of Burton.

“At the time, the board also made a motion that public consultation on the logging plan and proposed road access be sought, given the importance of this issue to the public, and relevance to the Burton community,” she said.

Dixon stressed the board has not made a decision on the matter of road access across the Burton School property, and, in order to comply with ministry requirements, will engage in a form of public consultation. In later questioning, Dixon said a date or format for that consultation had not been set.

“Should anyone wish to provide comment ahead of time, please contact one of your SD 10 trustees,” she concluded.

John Boivin, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Valley Voice

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