Public Health unit hopes hot tub rule changes

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A number of cottage country small resort operators were forced to close their hot tubs because of non-compliance with a regulation within provincial health codes. Smaller tourism operators felt the regulations better suited hot tubs at larger hotels with heavily-used communal pools and hot tubs.

There’s typically less traffic to and from hot tubs at the smaller resorts where there’s one tub per rented cabin.

“It was quite a little uproar in our area,” said Dysart Mayor Andrea Roberts.

“It looks like there could be possibly some changes to this Ontario regulation. Which would be great. I don’t know if it does affect other areas.

“But I’ve never seen some action in the province happen quite as quickly when it comes to hot tubs. Hopefully there will be some change to that regulation.”

Dr. Bocking said the hot tub closures was a challenging issue for health board staff.

“This isn’t the first time the health unit (was) caught between provincial regulation that’s written by policy makers at the provincial level and the rule of the health unit in enforcing regulations,” Dr. Bocking said.

James Matthews, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Haliburton County Echo