Public Library Memberships Project Cancelled At Swan Hills School

·1 min read

The Swan Hills School will be cancelling their Public Library Memberships project. This project was negotiated with the Swan Hills Public Library in 2014 and ensured that all staff and students' library memberships would be provided or renewed for a set rate of $1000 per year.

For the first few years, this yearly fee was largely covered the sponsorship of local businesses. Over the last two years, this program's sponsorship has been split between the Swan Hills Grizzly Cubs and the school lunchroom fund.

This year the full funding has not been available. With the current economic conditions facing Swan Hills, it does not seem like a good time to be trying to solicit donations from the community. It is difficult to assess how effective this program has been as there is no way to monitor how much this program has been used. It is unclear how many of the students using this program may already have access to the library's resources through family memberships. The school looks forward to any feedback that they may receive from students and their families. This feedback will help the school to decide whether or not to reinstate this program next year.

Dean LaBerge, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Grizzly Gazette