Public meeting held on expansion of Carriage House subdivision

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Comments from agencies were heard at a joint township and county public planning committee on Carriage Phase 2.

The development requires an expansion of the settlement area of Dundalk.

There were few public comments: one supporting the development as it would mean the extension of services, and the second asking about impacts on those living nearby.

There will be access points provided to the CP Rail Trail, but board fences will be put up along the trail, and prospective buyers will be told that the trail is used by snowmobiles and ATVs.

There will be a park and a landscaped stormwater management pond.

The SVCA gave its approval conditional on receiving the final lot grading and drainage plan, servicing, assessment of effects on water in the soil and wetland. A 10-metre wide wetland buffer will be required.

The new phase will be accessed through the two road connections from the first phase.

Coun. Dobreen asked what provision will be made for the added traffic flow going to Ida Street. The county planner said that the natural feature prevented an exit directly onto Ida Street.

Deputy-Mayor Brian Milne commented that larger lot sizes would be more in keeping with a small town.

Later in the meeting, developer Shakir Rehmatullah responded that the lots would be even smaller in the city and said the housing would be attractive.

M.T. Fernandes, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Dundalk Herald