Public Meeting in Saltcoats re. Council Remuneration.

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Wednesday, October 21, 2020, at 6:00 pm Mayor McCallum called the Public Hearing for Remuneration for the council, the Mayor gave the floor to Administrator Larson to rationalize the councils' decision, then the Mayor opened the floor to the public, there were no written submissions, The Public Hearing was closed and the Mayor called the regularly scheduled meeting for the town council, all members present for the last regular meeting of the term. The council amended the Agenda prior to Councillor Barnhart making the Motion to Accept the Agenda as Amended, Carried. The council next reviewed the Minutes of the last regularly scheduled Minutes, with a few revisions of the errors or omissions the Munites were accepted with. Motion by Councillor Denbrok, Carried. Carrying on the council reviewed the Addendums, Councillor Barnhart informed the council that a lot received power and should have occupancy by spring, Councillor Barnhart received a phone call pertaining the Aeration system he was proposing for Anderson Lake, this Ontario based company was contacted by a USA company who read the aeration in the Fourtown Journal about Barnhart’s interest in aeration for the lake. Pearson moved the Addendums be accepted, Carried. Foreman Hunt was present to give his report, one street in the town was removed from a “ boil water” advisory, Councillor Denbrok made the Motion to accept the Foreman’s Report, Carried. Public works report was reviewed before Councillor Barnhart made the Motion to accept the Public Works Report, Carried. The Lagoon Inspection Report was reviewed, the town is compliant with everything at the Lagoon site. Councillor Hovind made the Motion to go ahead with the pre-inspection on the lagoon, Carried. The council reviewed a cost comparison for the Lagoon project. Provincial Landfill Grant was discussed looking for a fall back grant to apply to in case the Federal Approval is not received, Councilor Barnhart made the Motion to go ahead and apply for a Provincial Grant as a fallback, Carried. The council reviewed the Financials which could include Foreman Hunt's input, Councilor Denbrock made the Motion to accept the Accounts Receivable, Carried. Budgetary Report was reviewed prior to Councillor Barnhart making the Motion to Accept the Budgetary Report, Carried. The council discuss with Foreman Hunt about Remembrance Day and an outside Ceremony, Person made the Motion to have a Remembrance Day Parade, with all COVID and Public Health Regulations to be followed, Carried. Foreman Hunt was excused from Chambers. Moving on the council returned to the Financials, Councillor Barnhart made the Motion to accept the Bank Reconciliation Report, Carried. Council indemnity was next discussed, Councillor Knudsen made the Motion to increases the remuneration as of January 1, 2022, Councillor Pearson Amended the Motion to change the date to January 1, 2021. Carried. ​Councillor Knudsen made the motion to change the Council remuneration effective January 1, 2021, as amended by the Council Remuneration Committee. Carried Business Arising from the Minutes was next discussed, Councillor Hovind Made the Motion to accept the Administration’s recommendation to disperse out the SafeRe-start Program from the Government of Saskatchewan Saskatchewan, Carried. NEW Business Tax Enforcement was discussed in length, there was a request for 3 motions dealing with tax arrears, all Carried. It was electronically ratified to print the Municipal Election Candidate profiles in the Newsletter, Carried. Intern Audit was discussed, Councillor Denbrok made the Motion Carried. The Heritage Trail was discussed, there are 3 phases of the first in recognition of Saltcoats constituents who were Speakers of the House, the second to the Local School Divisions of the area and the third to honour the Veterans. The council reviewed the Correspondence received by the town over the last month, Mayor McCallum Proclaimed November 21-29 Muntilcultural week in the town of Saltcoats. Councillor Barnhart moved the Correspondence be filed, Carried. The council moved In-Camera.

Gary Horseman, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Four-Town Journal