Public meeting on Southgate budget is Feb. 3

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Members of the public will have the chance to comment and ask questions in a public meeting prior to Feb. 3 council.

The tax levy proposed is just under $8 million, an increase of about $400,000 from 2020.

The year-over-year increase is 5.4 percent, but that’s set off by spreading the amount over a larger tax base because of growth. The local rate is combined with the county and education rates to arrive at the blended rate.

Treasurer Liam Gott told the Herald that looking at the overall impact to local taxpayers allowed council to frame their decisions.

The current budget assumes a two percent increase in the Grey County tax rate and a one percent decrease in the education tax rate.

The board of education budgets will be approved mid-June. A report presented Jan. 5 at Bluewater showed that the budget remained balanced, despite huge volatility on both sides of the ledger.

Grey County will confirm its budget shortly.

The township has $100,000 for re-locating council chambers, with the final plan not yet determined. As well, $50,000 is set aside to convert the present council chambers into offices.

The largest capital project – Phase 1 of the Hwy 10 Ecopark bypass road – has no direct budget impact, as it will be funded with $1.7 million from reserves.

The budget public meeting will be in the morning at 9 a.m. Residents can also submit comments in writing for presentation at the meeting.

A quick look at the capital and special projects budget shows $2.2 million needed from the levy in 2021.

Other big projects include:

Rehab (P&A) Sideroad 49-Hwy 89 - $440k

Replace bridge - S109-49-04&89 - $450k

Gold St-Hagan services loop (now dead-end) $65k

McCauley St. sidewalk $30k

Stephens Pit 2 road, fencing, tree - $30k

Sideroad 73-Road 26TL Cold in place – pave - $360k

New Proton parking lot - $80k

Stonehill culvert $300k

Victoria St West pre-engineering $175k

57-08 to 10 base & ditch $20k

Holstein insulate walls - $35k

04-G14-11 pulverize back to gravel - $12k

Among new equipment purchases are:

Plow Truck $270k; Loader - Holstein - $150k; wet blade mower $50k; pickup $50k; new single axle for Dundalk depot $250k; asphalt hot box 50k; grader roller 15k; Building - $45k for all-wheel drive vehicle. An outside consultant will be used to prepare an update of the zoning bylaw with a budgeted amount of $85k.

M.T. Fernandes, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Dundalk Herald