Public works continues work on infrastructure

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Town of Beaverlodge

Regular Meeting of Council

September 27, 2021

In Attendance: Mayor Gary Rycroft,

councillors Cyndi Corbett, Terry Dueck, Judy Kokotilo-Bekkerus, Hugh Graw, Gena Jones, Cal Mosher.

Public works update: Nick Kebalo, Beaverlodge public works manager, updated council on the progress of infrastructure projects. Council heard crews have been working extensively on roadwork.

“We really focused on the intersections this year, where we have water runoff, because we don't have culverts and drains in a lot of the areas of town,” Kebalo said.

“Water is going to flow over the streets, and it really does damage to those intersections where they're low.”

They will work on 4 Ave. next which Kebalo expects will be about two years' worth of work.

Aquatera is currently inspecting the sewer to ensure the infrastructure underneath 4 Ave. does not need any additional work.

The areas of concern for Kebalo are on 10 Ave., 5 Ave. and 4 Ave.

The town wants to ensure that valves are repaired in the case of a water line break. A minimal amount of residents are impacted, he said.

Public works has also done about $20,000 worth of maintenance to the outdoor ice rink, said Kebalo.

The chainlink fence around the rink was replaced with a higher gauge wire to better withstand the abuse from pucks; 10 to 15 per cent of the boards were changed, and Kebalo said they reused the arena puck board around the rink, removing the old aluminum siding.

Public works is also updating its water infrastructure using online mapping to ensure all the data files are up to date. It will also allow tracking assets of the water system.

They also worked on the storm rehabilitation areas like ditches and culverts.

“It really does have an impact on when we do have a major rain event, but things go through the system a lot more effectively than they have in the past,” said Kebalo.

Bouquets and turkeys: Council decided to gift town staff with their choice of a gift certificate for a turkey or flowers before Thanksgiving as a thank you for their hard work the past two years.

Coun. Gena Jones, who brought the idea to council, said it would cost less than $500.

The town currently has 23 full-time employees, according to Jeff Johnston, chief administrative officer (CAO).

Beaverlodge firehall committee: The Beaverlodge Firehall Building Committee’s Terms of Reference was brought to council for approval.

Council requested that only titles be included, and formal member names removed.

Council approved the terms with the amendment.

The committee's goal is to provide feedback on all matters about the design and construction of the new fire hall and provide council with advice on the construction.

The committee consists of seven members, two town councillors, two town administrative staff, two members of the County of Grande Prairie, and a member from the Beaverlodge Firefighters Association.

The only voting members are the town councillors, county members and the Beaverlodge Firefighters Associations member.

Protective services: The Protective Services Committee Terms of Reference were amended to add two members-at-large from the public to be part of the committee.

It will now have four voting members, two town councillors and the two members-at-large.

Previously the only two voting members were the two town councillors.

An advertisement will be put out to find the new members.

The Protective Services Committee will consist of two town council representatives, two members-at-large, the town CAO, the town fire chief, the town Peace Officer and an RCMP member.

Jesse Boily, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Town & Country News

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