The Pungent Ingredient That Adds Loads Of Flavor To Mac And Cheese

Baked mac and cheese
Baked mac and cheese - harexape/Shutterstock

For the ultimate melty, creamy texture and cheesiest flavor, your mac and cheese recipe should go beyond relying on just one type of cheese. This is why three-cheese (and sometimes even more) mac and cheese recipes are so popular. The more cheeses you can pack in there, the more enticing the dish will be. This is especially true when you branch out into unexpected territory and try using non-traditional cheeses. But it turns out, that trying something pungent like blue cheese will give that mac and cheese the gooiest consistency, and most intense flavor of all.

Blue cheese is exceptional at melting -- making it perfect for mac and cheese. This is because of its low calcium content and the way that its signature mold has already broken down the milk proteins. And since it's also a potent cheese that packs a wallop of flavor, it won't be outshined by any other ingredients, whether you choose to combine it with sharp cheddar, a tangy, nutty parmesan, or any other full-flavored varieties.

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How Much Blue Cheese Should Go In Mac And Cheese?

Closeup of blue cheese crumbles
Closeup of blue cheese crumbles - Louella938/Shutterstock

One thing to keep in mind when putting blue cheese in your mac and cheese recipe is that it works better as an accent cheese than as the primary one. That's because of its particularly strong flavor, of course. If you were to use a couple of full cups of blue cheese in your recipe you might end up with a mac and cheese that is a little too pungent and salty for most people's tastes. Instead, you'll want to rely on cheddar, mozzarella, Gruyère, and other less potent but equally flavorful cheeses to make up the bulk of the cheese sauce.

The ideal amount of blue cheese will vary based on your preferences. Some people like to use just a couple of tablespoons, while others go for quite a few ounces. It might be a good idea to make your first batch of blue cheese mac on the lighter side and work your way up until you discover the perfect amount of tangy, full-flavored blue cheese to match your palate.

Other Ingredients For The Perfect Blue Cheese Mac

Mac and cheese with bacon
Mac and cheese with bacon - Lauripatterson/Getty Images

Blue cheese pairs so well with certain ingredients that it's hard to imagine not putting them together. One of these ingredients is, of course, bacon. For a truly rich and savory blue cheese mac, a handful of smoky bacon crumbles is all you need, and you're in for the ultimate upgraded comfort food.

The cheese's robust, earthy flavor also makes it the perfect ingredient to match with several kinds of fruit, including apples and pears. And while adding fruit to mac and cheese might be a little out of the ordinary, it's one of those things you have to try before you judge. Pear and blue cheese are commonly used together in salads, after all, so why not mac and cheese? And for the truly unexpected, try drizzling a little bit of maple syrup into the mix. Caramelized apples are also ideal for a truly decadent blue cheese mac and cheese. Once you start experimenting, blue cheese will no doubt become a staple in your mac and cheese dishes, adding complex flavors and maximizing the melty goodness.

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