Punish Russia for sex crimes against Ukrainian women and children: Ukraine ambassador

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OTTAWA — Ukraine's ambassador-designate to Canada says Russia must be held accountable for its troops committing sex crimes, including against children.

Yulia Kovaliv told MPs at a House of Commons committee that Russia is using sexual terror as a weapon of war and says rape and sexual assault must be investigated as war crimes.

She says Russia has also kidnapped Ukrainian children and taken them to Russia, but Ukraine is working with partners to get them back.

She says Russian troops were shameless looters and were also stealing Ukraine's grain stores and shipping them to Russian-held territory.

The Ukrainian diplomat says all of Russian society, and not just President Vladimir Putin, should bear responsibility for the war on Ukraine as more than 70 per cent of Russians support the invasion.

Speaking to the Commons foreign affairs committee, Kovaliv thanked Canada for its continuing support but says the coming weeks are crucial to Ukraine's defence and more arms are needed.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published May 2, 2022.

The Canadian Press

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