Pup gets so confused over bearded dragon's behavior

On this day when I got Blaze out of her vivarium she ran up to Rango the male bearded dragon and was trying to get to him, Rango’s beard went black which normally happen’s through excitement when he see’s Blaze the female, but this time it appeared that he was trying to bite her through the glass! As you can see Buddy who is a young Welsh Collie seemed quite confused and worried about this behavior!

Buddy my friends dog who we look after lots has always loved the bearded dragons blaze & Rango since they were little. He is So gentle with them & is really careful around them, but for obvious reasons we always supervise them!

Bearded dragons, particularly males, are territorial. A male will display a dark beard to indicate his authority over smaller males and females in his territory. He may accomplish this with head-bobbing, which also is a dominance indicator. A black beard serves as a warning to other males to keep away from this dragon’s female. Females do not generally exhibit black beards for territorial display.

Frequent head bobbing, arm waving, nipping, and biting will occur before mating. If the biting is too aggressive the bearded dragons may need to be separated.

It is often better to place 2 or 3 females in a cage with one male. The fighting will still occur, but not to the same extent as a single male and female.

The Welsh Collie is a highly intelligent dog that for centuries has been working alongside shepherds herding flocks of sheep in some of the remotest regions of the Welsh hills. They have always been highly prized thanks to the way they work sheep which is different from that of a Border Collie in that they do not fix their eye directly on the flock, but rather work the sheep with a "loose eye". Today, these charming, active dogs are also becoming a popular choice as companions and family pets thanks to their good looks, their intelligence and their loyal, affectionate natures.