Puppies found in Manitoba ditch recovering in foster homes

Eight puppies are recovering after being found by the side of the road without food or water.

Manitoba Mutts, a dog rescue group, got a tip last Friday that young pups had been found in a box in rural Manitoba.

“Our foster and intake manager got a phone call last week on Friday near rush hour saying that somebody had found a box of puppies in a ditch in rural Manitoba in the Interlake region, ” said Colleen Holloway who works with the dog rescue group Manitoba Mutts.

“They guessed how old they were, and we basically had to make the decision right then and there, ‘Do we take them in?’ And we, within an hour, had four foster families to take the dogs two-by-two-by-two,” she said.

The group were taken to an emergency foster home to be checked out. There they found the group was about four and a half weeks old.

After the check up, the pups were sent to foster homes. The puppies are now recovering and doing well. “They are already full of beans,” said Holloway.

Holloway said the case isn’t uncommon.

“We currently have 60 dogs in care. Half of them are puppies like these guys,” she said.

In the mean time, the group is trying to raise donations of kibble and money to feed and care for the dogs.

“They’re hungry, and our stock on puppy kibble is running low, so we are doing a call to the community to donate not just kibble but money towards their care,” said Holloway.

The puppies will be available for adoption when they are healthy and have been socialized by their foster families.

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