Puppies stolen from Lethbridge woman who was injured chasing thieves' car

A Lethbridge, Alta. woman was dragged by a vehicle as she tried to stop a couple from stealing five of her puppies, according to police.

The incident began at the woman's Trent Road home around 1:30 p.m. on Sunday after the couple responded to an online ad offering French bulldog pups for sale.

The owner, Cortney Ogbogu, said the couple came to her home for a interview so she could evaluate whether they were suitable potential owners for her puppies. After a short while, the couple said they wanted to put down a deposit and asked Ogbogu for an address for the nearest bank.

"I turned around to grab my phone out of the other room and I came back and it was like something out of the movies, the whole room was just empty and quiet and they were gone," she said. 

Confrontation and injury

Ogbogu saw the pair leaving in a vehicle and decided to give chase — first on foot, then in her own vehicle.

She pulled up next to the vehicle at the intersection of McMaster Boulevard and Whoop Up Drive, got out and was subsequently dragged about 10 metres and struck by the perpetrators' vehicle as she tried to retrieve her puppies. The perpetrators' vehicle drove off heading eastbound on Whoop-Up Drive.

As of Monday, Lethbridge police said they are still seeking the perpetrators — and the puppies..

Ogbogu was taken to hospital for treatment. She said the perpetrators' vehicle drove over her shoulder and she suffered bruising and swelling to her face and arm, and her right leg "isn't currently working." 

Police seek information

Police said the first perpetrator was described as man in his mid-20s, about five feet seven inches tall with a darker complexion, thin build and short, brush-cut hair.

He was wearing glasses, a blazer with white writing on it, a white T-shirt and a baseball hat. He spoke with an accent.

The second suspect was described as a white female in her mid-20s, approximately five feet four inches tall and 200 lbs., with blonde hair. She was wearing heavy makeup, spandex pants, a tank top, green jacket and a baseball hat.

Their vehicle was described as a newer model silver Jeep, possibly a 2015 or 2016, with a broken mirror on the driver's side.

The puppies are described as three-week-old French Bulldogs. Two of the puppies' markings are described as blue mantle, one as blue pied, another as blue brindle and another still as blue fawn.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Lethbridge police at 403-328-4444 or Crime Stoppers 1-800-222-8477.

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