Puppy is adorably clumsy with Great Dane friend

Aurora is a 6 month old golden retriever puppy with a beautiful and playful disposition. She adores her giant friend, Raven, a 3 year old Great Dane who still believes that she is a puppy herself. This is Aurora's second trip to the family cottage, situated on a remote island in Ontario, Canada. The dogs have free reign here and they run through the trees and along the beach, cavorting until it's nap time. They rest in front of a roaring fire in the stone fireplace until it's time to play some more. It is truly a dog's life and they love every minute of this time in paradise. Aurora has found a long stick that has washed up on shore. It's been chewed by the local beavers and it seems to have a scent or an appeal of some sort. She proudly carried it over to Raven and invited her to play tug of war with it. Raven is a patient and gentle giant who is happy to play with Aurora all day long. She happily tugs at the stick, being careful not to overpower her smaller friend. But Raven sees that her family is getting ready for a boat ride. They are about to set off on a cranberry picking adventure and Raven knows that it's time to forget about the stick. As she walks away, Aurora also figures out that they are going somewhere. In an adorably clumsy roll, Aurora tips over backwards and flops in the leaves. She tries to right herself but the stick makes it difficult. She leaves the stick and follows her family as they head down to the dock.