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Mr. Wigglesworth

Team: Ruff
From: Florida Little Dogs Rescue
(Photo: Animal Planet)

Puppy Bowl XIV: Ranking the starting lineup by cuteness

Breaking news! Animal Planet has just released photos of 38 of the 90 puppies participating in Puppy Bowl XIV, airing simultaneously on both coasts Feb. 4 at 3 p.m. ET/noon PT.

In addition to the game between #TeamFluff and #TeamRuff — and the supporting spectacle, which includes Jokgu the piano-playing chicken pecking out the national anthem; duckling, piglet, and baby bunny cheerleaders; and, of course, the Kitty Half-Time Show — viewers will also be treated to “Pup Close and Personal” segments highlighting some of the adoptable athletes (from 48 rescues) and their heartwarming stories. Among them: Mango, the first-ever international Puppy Bowl player, who was rescued from Mexico; Tyler, a rescue from the flood waters of Houston during Hurricane Harvey; and best friends Sophie, a three-legged goldendoodle, and Buttons, a sight-impaired and deaf cocker spaniel. (Other special-needs players include Ryder, a sight-impaired husky; Chance, a deaf dalmatian; Moonshine, a sight-impaired, deaf border collie; and Luna, a Pomeranian mix with a cleft palate.)

Of course all the puppies are adorable, but since we like a challenge, here is how we’d rank the starting lineup’s cuteness from their player profile pics.