Puppy humorously howls at animal video on tablet

When they say dog’s can’t see television or computer screens, the obviously have not met this howling hound! She can hear and see what’s going on and it sends her into a frenzy!

When Sophie the Rat Terrier puppy is shown a video of a farm on the computer, her reaction is hilarious. No one expects her to do what she does and thank goodness someone caught it on video.

Watch as Sophie stares at the screen and when the sheep on the video start making noises, she begins hilariously howling at them like she is trying to communicate! This little dog raises her head straight in the air like a wolf and begins to howl in a very comical and adorable fashion. She almost sounds like she is trying to sing along to the noises she heads on the computer screen. With eyes shut tight and ears standing straight up, she howls at the moon!

After she is has finished a long and drawn out tune, she looks back at the video to see what is going on. The Terrier tilts her head all the way to one side and stares at the screen, trying to figure out where those little animals came from. When they start making the noise again, she starts talking back like they are having a conversation!