Puppy Tries In Vain To Fake Coma While Stretching On Couch

Raven is a giant Great Dane puppy who tries her best to behave well. She comes when called, as long as there is a treat involved, and she stays off the furniture, sometimes. Raven has just been for a 3 mile run in the forest with her humans and she has come home exhausted from chasing chipmunks and investigating smells of the woods. She is a huge dog but she can move with surprising stealth when she wants to. With impressive silence, she has climbed up on the couch that she is not allowed on and she has stretched out from one end to the other. She takes up the entire couch when she makes herself comfortable. Raven appears to have put her paw to her ear as if to listen better, but it's clear that she has decided to pretend that she isn't hearing the reprimands that her owner is trying to dish out. It's hard to take things seriously when she is in such a comical position, pretending to be in a coma. Her eyes move back and forth, giving her away as she tries in vain to be convincing. It's hard to reprimand a dog as wonderful as Raven. She's been a loyal family member and protector and if she wants to relax on the couch after a morning of exploring, it's not so bad. Great Danes are an entertaining and affectionate breed. Anyone who has ever been owned by one falls in love with the breed.