Puslinch is looking for a fence viewer

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PUSLINCH - The township is wondering if any local residents are interested in being its “fence viewer”.

The township will be seeking four individuals interested in serving the Puslinch community by aiding in resolving disputes under the Line Fences Act.

Currently, the municipality is not hiring anybody, but is only seeking an expression of interest.

When a clerk receives an application under the Line Fences Act, three fence-viewers must attend the neighbouring properties to review any information or documentation regarding the need for and potential costs associated with construction or maintenance of a boundary line fence.

Once all information has been received the fence-viewers must make a determination regarding the division of cost for construction, repair or reconstruction of a fence between property owners.

“Fence viewers are completely dictated by the Line Fences Act. So, all of their duties and responsibilities must follow the statutes and regulations set out by the act,” explained clerk Courtenay Hoytfox.

The position is funded by the cost the applicant makes through the user fees and charges; a portion of the paid fees and charges will go to the fence viewer.

The township is looking for someone who is able to commit to a four year term with a possibility for extension; flexible availability during and outside of regular business hours with short notice is required; and if they consider anyone with experience working in agriculture or construction an asset.

However, individuals who are interested do not need to fill any job requirements for the role. “The act is very broad wherein individuals do not need to be a Canadian citizen, nor need to reside in the township. However, the act does recommend hiring individuals who have experience in the type of community they will be serving,” explained Hoytfox.

“So, the act says that if it’s a rural community they are serving, they recommend hiring someone with farming experience as they will be looking over agricultural-related fencing, or if it’s an urban setting, they should have experience with contracting. But anyone can apply for the role if they’re interested; it’s not required for them to have all these experiences in order to get the job.”

If anyone is interested in serving the Puslinch community in this capacity, please email admin@puslinch.ca describing why you would be a good candidate.

Angelica Babiera, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, GuelphToday.com

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