Put away the cell phone when driving, RCMP warn

Put away the cell phone when driving, RCMP warn

RCMP on P.E.I. are planning to increase enforcement of the province's laws regarding distracted driving.

At $575, P.E.I. has some of the highest fines in the country, but Const. Jamie Parsons said that hasn't deterred everyone from texting and driving.

"We see distracted driving every day in all forms," said Parsons.

"Over the course of this summer, in the last couple of months, particularly myself, I've seen that use of cell phones seems to have risen again."

Parsons said new enforcement will include plain clothes officers at intersections that have been identified as problematic, and unmarked vehicles charged with locating people who are texting and driving.

RCMP will also be looking for other forms of distracted driving. Parsons said he's also seen things like people doing their makeup while sitting at a red light.

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