Putin furious over Su-57 damage – HUR


Russian dictator Vladimir Putin is furious over the damage to the Su-57 fighter jet, Andriy Yusov, spokesperson for Ukraine’s Main Intelligence Directorate (HUR), said on national television on June 10.

“We can state only the fact of damage,” not the destruction of the Su-57, he said.

“We can neither confirm nor deny the operation itself. But yes, this is big news: Putin is really furious, and the reaction in the Kremlin is very hot and palpable. Because they tried to carefully hide and protect the Su-57s. And these Su-57s never entered Ukrainian airspace because they were afraid of being shot down. But they failed.”

Russia overestimated the jet’s capabilities in order to increase its sales on the international arms market.

“They were used to launch missile attacks on Ukrainian civilian objects, on our infrastructure. So the punishment was well deserved,” he said, adding that two Su-57s may have been targeted and that there may have been some casualties among the Russian military present at the airfield at the time of the attack.

But he said that “we still have to wait for objective confirmation. We understand that this is a complex technological process. It will take a long time for the enemy to diagnose the damage. And the repairs will also take a long time”.

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According to Yusov, this is “a serious blow to the enemy’s capabilities,” as these aircraft are produced in very small numbers, with no more than a dozen in total in the Russian Air Force.

This follows an earlier HUR report on June 8 of a Su-57 multi-role fighter jet being targeted at the Akhtubinsk airfield in Russia’s Astrakhan Oblast.

The satellite images show the Su-57 standing intact on June 7, but on June 8, craters from the explosion and characteristic fire spots appeared near it as a result of a strike.

The Akhtubinsk airfield is located 589 kilometers from the front line.

The Su-57 is Moscow’s most advanced fighter jet, which can use Kh-59 and Kh-69 missiles for strikes, the Ukrainian military intelligence said.

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