Putin won't stop at Ukraine's borders, German defense minister says

Boris Pistorius
Boris Pistorius

Germany must be prepared for Russia to attack NATO by 2029, since Russian dictator Vladimir Putin’s ambitions reach beyond Ukraine, German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius said on June 5.

“We must be ready for war by 2029,” German newspaper Spiegel quotes Pistorius.

“We should not believe that Putin will stop at Ukraine's borders, given how far he has already gone.”

According to the minister, Russia poses a military threat not only to Ukraine but also to Georgia, Moldova, and eventually NATO.

"We must ensure deterrence to prevent the worst-case scenario from unfolding," Pistorius added.

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He noted that the German military needs funding, resources, and personnel to reconstitute its strength. The minister believes a "new form of military service" would be necessary, implying that Germany might have to reintroduce conscription in some capacity.

In December 2023, Bild, citing its sources in the intelligence of one of the European countries, reported that Russia might attempt to attack Europe at the end of 2024 or the beginning of 2025 when the United States could be dealing with political chaos in the wake of 2024 presidential elections.

In January 2024, Pistorius stated that Europe is again facing a "military threat unseen for 30 years" and warned about the possibility of an attack by Russia in five to eight years.

In March, U.S. intelligence reported that Russia does not seek a direct military conflict with NATO and will continue applying asymmetric measures, short of crossing into a global military conflict.

On June 4, Norwegian Armed Forces Chief Eirik Kristoffersen said that NATO has two to three years to prepare for a potential confrontation with Russia.

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