Putin's alleged plans to take Kharkiv will fail due to lack of surprise - Ukrainian military

Kharkiv blackout
Kharkiv blackout

“It will be much harder for the Russians to attack Kharkiv now than it was in the first days of the full-scale invasion,” the National Guard’s Special Forces Group commander 'Pamir' said on national television on March 27.

"They probably won't use any other tactics,” he said.

“Back then (in February 2022) they took advantage of the fact of surprise. Now they are expected. Everyone is preparing. They will not be able to come to Kharkiv Oblast just like that."

Russian strikes on Kharkiv's energy infrastructure are meant to intimidate the civilian population.

"Usually, when they fail, they try to show their strength in this way. When they lose somewhere else, they destroy the civilian population," Pamir said.

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Earlier on March 26, independent Russian outlet Meduza published an article about Russian dictator Vladimir Putin’s alleged plans to take Kharkiv.

According to the report, a source close to the Kremlin believes that Putin aims to capture Kharkiv and then conclude the so-called "Special Military Operation."

"It [would be] also a symbolic victory: a city with a million population, where many Russian-speaking people live," said one of Meduza’s sources.

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While the report suggested that there has been no decision made on a large-scale offensive towards Kharkiv, it remains "quite a plausible scenario."

Responding to Russian media reports that the Kremlin aims to conquer Kharkiv, regional governor Oleh Synehubov said that the Russian military has proven itself incapable of doing so.

In a Telegram post on March 26, he said that for 761 days of the war, Russian troops have failed to capture and hold any major Ukrainian city, including Kharkiv.

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"Neither in 2022 nor in 2023 could they defeat the indomitable people of Kharkiv, nor maintain positions in the population centers of the region," said Synehubov.

On March 26, the Third Separate Assault Brigade Deputy Commander, Maxym Zhorin, warned of the potential threat to Kharkiv and Sumy oblasts, which border Russia.

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