Putting the pieces together: Botwood mural committee sells puzzles of art

The murals of Botwood are now in pieces — and you can put them back together. 

The Botwood Mural Arts Society is selling puzzles based on the historic murals of the central Newfoundland town.

Society president Trudy Stuckless says the committee is always looking for creative ways to raise money, and puzzles are something that really connect with people. 

"We ordered 112 in the spring and they're all moving very quickly. We've got a reorder in of those and six new ones ordered. That gets in before Christmas, hopefully."

Melissa Tobin/CBC

The puzzles come in two sizes: 60 pieces and 240 pieces. 

Stuckless said people enjoy the challenge of puzzles as well as having a piece of the murals in their homes. 

"Once your puzzle is put together, if you want to keep it together you can have it framed and it gives you a piece of art that's from your community painted by a world-class artist. And it's about the history of your town."

The 13 murals in town tell of its past depicting things like the town's Beothuk roots, military presence, and the literacy achievements of the province.

Melissa Tobin/CBC

The most popular puzzle, The Pulse of the Community, is of a more recent history, one many people still remember. 

"I think this one is so popular because it's a place where a lot of people had their careers as health-care providers. Dr. Twomey is featured on it. He was iconic here, became the minister of health and many people would say that he delivered them as infants. There's just so many stories related to the cottage hospital."

Melissa Tobin/CBC

Stuckless said this project has also given her a new appreciation of the details in the murals she knows so well. 

"I've seen the murals up close and study them pretty closely … You notice things in the mural that you didn't notice before."

The puzzles are $20 each and available through The Botwood Mural Arts Society and the Botwood Royal Canadian Legion. 


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