Quaker Just Released a New Snack in a Fan-Favorite Flavor

Spoiler: It’s dill-icious.

<p>Dotdash Meredith / Janet Maples</p>

Dotdash Meredith / Janet Maples

When we think of Quaker Oats Company, we often think of granola, grits, and, of course, oats. After all, we know Quaker Oats can help create the best maple and brown sugar oatmeal and oatmeal raisin cookies around.

But this company isn’t just about oats. It also offers some pretty solid snack options. Its Quaker Rice Snacks lineup is made with whole grain rice and features everything from chips to thin crackers to rice cakes and crisps.

Now, its line of snack offerings is getting a brand-new addition that is perfect for those who crave a briny and salty flavor to accompany that snappy texture.

Quaker’s New Dill Pickle Rice Crisps

Quaker recently launched its brand-new Dill Pickle Rice Crisps, a flavorful zesty offering that follows an already stellar lineup of popular Rice Crisp flavors, including Butter Popcorn, Sea Salt and Lime, and Apple Cinnamon.



These bite-sized snacks are popped to perfection for the right amount of crunch with a tangy taste that feeds the popular pickle craving.

Corn and whole grain brown rice help make these crispy bites. They contain 14 grams of whole grains per serving without high fructose corn syrup or gluten, making them a solid snack option for those with dietary restrictions.

The new Dill Pickle Rice Crisps from Quaker Rice Snacks are now available at retailers nationwide. Prices can vary depending on your location. When we searched online, we found the 3-ounce bag offered at Kroger’s for $2.69 and Acme Markets for $3.69.

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