Quebec educators resist being rushed into teaching sex ed

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    J J
    ''Too much too soon''. Sooooo true!
    Welcome to femboy Turdeau's new improved Sexanada.
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    kim g
    why has it decided to bring it back???based on what evidence that it is needed...more state intervention into an area that is none of their business and that they actually have no right to say it is mandated is outright socialist...its parents jobs to teach their children and in the age of media and social media this is really un necessary...i have raised 11 children and have never allowed a school to teach this subject based on the principle that its not their job...they have no right...its not math science or english...the only subjects needed for post secondary schooling...and to suggest that its from kindergarten on means they intend to indoctrinate kids into a particular depraved view of human sexuality just like ontario did...fight the socialist state agenda...the french ruined the world with the revolution just as russia did...socialism is evil and doesnt work...fight state starts with schools....
  • b
    Hard for people who've never had #$%$ to teach it in school i imagine .