Quebec teen discovers ancient Mayan ruins by studying the stars

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    Just wow. The time and dedication this lad put into his research amazes me. How can you not be proud of this kid. 3 years, that is a lifetime for a boy. Not only did he figure out the map and why Mayans built there cities where they did but he found a missing one, and even then he had the knowledge to give it a Mayan name. Being respectful of where it is and the history. I really hope he is there when they find it. I would not mind at all if my tax dollars went to funding this kids expedition. He has done something special and should be given all opportunities to see it to the end.
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    So let me get this straight. The Mayans would have to do an accurate survey of Mexico before the Europeans had only made those simple dark ages maps. Then the Mayans had to do an accurate survey of the stars and had to overlap it on the map of Mexico. Otherwise how would their ancient sky maps match up to a modern astronomy sky map?
    And all this to build 118 Mayan cities exactly where the stars are located? I just wonder what if a star happened to fall right over a large lake or river? Did they still build their city over the lake? Or just move it to the lake shore?
    That is some dedication on the Mayan's part.
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    Choose your frame of mind
    Very incredible. Congratulations William.
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    Excellent in so many ways. Critical thinking is something that many students don't understand how to do. This young man has managed to do it at a much larger scale than most adults. Congratulations!
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    Darth Potatohead
    LOL He just turned Mayan archaeology on its ear! All these years wondering why they built in such strange places, and the answer was right there! Well, done, kid! You have a great future available to you!
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    Congratulations William! It is amazing what young people are able to do.

    Earlier today there was the report of the teenage girl who was doing some work on cancer and seems to have made an important discovery.

    I suspect that these young people are like the geniuses of previous generations. Back then they had to be from wealthy families to afford the time and financial resources to make their discoveries.

    Today computers and the internet offer middle income children the same opportunities if they put their minds and energies into what they love.
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    Normally Yahoo gives us some 'amazing child' story, who has "invented his own perfume" or "made his own invention", only for the story to go on to explain that "mummy and/or daddy are in the trade" and it's actually a nice little PR stunt to make it look like that little Johnny has done it by myself.
    But on this story, what a lad. Such research and findings, and surely will go on to even bigger things. Makes you wonder why, then, Yahoo have got such a downer on this particular lad. Even on the opening words, they're calling him, quote, "The precocious teen..."! Bloody hell, what's up Yahoo, not used to a kid doing it for himself and not actually being a PR stunt from his parents who are sending some free samples in the post to draw attention to the story in the first place?!
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    Freaking impressive ... kid's going places.
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    Way to go young man, very interesting. I am sure you will go far.
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    S. M.
    Awesome!! Way to go William, your parents, teachers, community and Canada are proud of you!! You are a perfect example of what hard work, enthusiasm, and ingenuity can do! Keep it up.