'This will set a dangerous precedent': Canadians react to Quebec decision to ask unvaccinated adults to pay up

Quebec Premier François Legault announced Tuesday that unvaccinated adults in the province will soon need to pay a "health contribution."

"The vaccine is the key to fight the virus," Legault said at a press conference. "This is why we’re looking for a health contribution for adults who refused to be vaccinated for non-medial reasons."

"Those who refuse to receive their first dose in the coming weeks will have to pay a new health contribution."

The amount is still unknown but Legault indicated it would be "significant."

He added that these adults who are refusing to get vaccinated are putting an "important burden" on the province's healthcare system.

"I think it’s normal that the majority of the population is asking that there be a consequence," the premier said.

"Yes, we will continue to look at spreading the use of the vaccine passport but I think we have to go further and I think that right now, it’s a question also of fairness for the 90 per cent of the population who made some sacrifices. I think we owe them this kind of measures."

Following the announcement of this new "health contribution" to come, many Canadians took to social media to respond to this upcoming measure, some in support and some against the move.