Quebecers not interested in sovereignty, says ex-PQ candidate now running for Legault

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LÉVIS, Que. — A former Parti Québécois cabinet minister now running for the Coalition Avenir Québec says Quebecers are no longer interested in talking about sovereignty.

Bernard Drainville made the comments today after he was officially introduced as a star candidate in the Quebec City-area riding of Lévis for Premier François Legault's political party ahead of the summer provincial election campaign.

Drainville says he has realized that Quebecers no longer have an appetite for the debate between federalism and sovereignty that dominated political discourse in the province for nearly 50 years.

Instead, he says Quebecers favour the Coalition Avenir Québec's nationalist approach, which he defines as fighting for a stronger Quebec within Canada.

Drainville, a well-known radio host, is the second prominent person to have championed independence to join the Coalition Avenir Québec in recent days, following former Bloc Québécois MP Caroline St-Hilaire.

He is known for having presented a so-called values charter that would have prevented people who wear religious symbols from working in public institutions, back when he was in government with the Parti Québécois in 2013.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published June 7, 2022.

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