The Queen's hilarious joke about Kate and William's wedding cake

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Photo credit: GEOFF PUGH - Getty Images
Photo credit: GEOFF PUGH - Getty Images

We absolutely adore hearing about all the witty remarks Queen Elizabeth II is said to have made behind the scenes – and this latest story about a joke she cracked ahead of Prince William and Kate Middleton's grand royal wedding certainly doesn't disappoint.

Serious royal enthusiasts will likely already know that last night, ITV aired a divisive hourlong documentary, The Day Will and Kate Got Married, which took a look back at the extravagant event close to a decade ago (the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge said 'I do!' on the 29th of April 2011).

As part of the programme, Fiona Cairns, the woman responsible for making the couple's eight-tiered wedding cake, revealed that because her design was so big, a door had to be removed from its hinges in Buckingham Palace in order to accommodate the trolley hosting the 3 foot creation. Naturally, Cairns confessed, she was a little worried as to how Her Majesty might react to that one...

"I was told that Her Majesty would be coming through the door at the top of the Picture Gallery to chat at midday, so no pressure, of course, never having built this cake," Cairns recalled in the documentary.

Photo credit: JOHN STILLWELL - Getty Images
Photo credit: JOHN STILLWELL - Getty Images

Cairns then explained that she needn't have stressed about the situation, as thankfully the Queen saw the funny side, despite the cake not being finished up until the day of the wedding itself.

"When the Queen came to see us, the cake wasn't completely finished," the cake designer said. "I remember her saying 'I hear that you've been dismantling my house?'" Touché, Lizzie!

Cairns continued on to add, "I said to her 'We had to take a door down from the room below for the trolley to go through with the cake', but it was all put back in the end so it was fine."

This is far from the first time The Queen has had a bit of a joke at an unsuspecting victim's expense either, as according to one royal-based book, she once wrote a member of staff a cheeky note after allegedly finding a slug in her salad! And then there's the funny remark she made when a statue in her likeness was recently unveiled.

Oh Queenie, how we do love your mischievous side. ❤️

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