Quirky rescue cat settles into new forever home

When Morgan Mitchell heard a funny scratching noise at the door, she cautiously opened it. What she found at the door was a gigantic, orange stray cat with the meow of a kitten standing straight up on his hind legs knocking at the door. With the wind blowing hard and the weather getting cold, she quickly let him in and gave him some water and tuna.

It didn't take long for her to start noticing that he was one quirky cat doing the most peculiar things every day. It was evident that he had owners in the past because he was litter trained and had been fixed, but what kind of owners was the big question.

Every morning, this cat would not get out of bed..... until late afternoon. Rufus is not a morning cat at all. As you can see from the way he stubbornly meows and goes back to sleep, he absolutely hates getting up in the mornings. He could take first prize in being lazy. He sleeps all night and all day in his owner's bed like he owns it. Sometimes she has even found him nestled up under the covers fast asleep like a child.

Rufus loves to dip his head in the toilet and drink from the toilet water. He drinks and drinks and just when you think he is about to stop, he puts both paws right inside the toilet bowl and keeps right on drinking. Although Rufus always lots of water in his cat bowl, it must never be as cold or as fresh as the water that in the toilet.

If Rufus isn't in the bed, he is most always in the laundry basket! How he gets nestled in the blankets will never be known. If he wasn't so big, it wouldn't be hard to not notice him and accidentally thrown in the washing machine with the blankets!

Rufus is so happy to have his forever home and his new owner is so happy that they found each other!