Quiz: Which Ontario party's ideologies match with yours?

Which party’s ideologies match with yours?

With just over a week until the election day, it’s time for Ontarians to nail down which party will get their vote on June 7.

At this point, polls place Andrea Horwath’s Ontario NDPs in the lead, followed by Doug Ford’s Progressive Conservatives. Current Liberal premier Kathleen Wynne has lost significant support and is current tracking in third place, followed by the provincial Green Party led by Mike Schreiner.

In Sunday night’s leadership debate, Ford received significant criticism from his NDP and Liberal competitors for not having a fully costed platform available to Ontarians when advanced voting is already available.

“We haven’t even seen any numbers from Mr. Ford. People started voting yesterday, Mr. Ford — where is your platform?” Horwath said during the debate. “Where is your respect for the people now, when they’re already at the polls and you haven’t provided them any information about what it is you plan to do in our province? What are you going to cut?”

“We’ve been laying out our plan every single day…we put a dollar figure beside every single announcement that we have,” Ford said at an event in Newmarket, Ont. Monday morning.

Premier Wynne has faced significant judgement for her work with the province’s hydro plan and overspending government funds. As Wynne’s support continues to decline, the premier addressed this criticism at the debate by saying “sorry not sorry.”

“I’m really, genuinely sorry that more people don’t like me,” Wynne said. “But I am not sorry about all of the things that we’re doing in Ontario to make life better.”

Schreiner has been very vocal about not being included in televised debates by the media consortium, stating that all four publicly-funded parties should be represented. The provincial Green Party leader has used social media to share his answers to questions being asked during these televised debates.

Schreiner’s party promises to create jobs in the clean economy, while also planning to invest $4.1 billion in mental health services over the next four years. The Green Party also highlights its initiatve to lower payroll taxes on local businesses and nonprofit organizations.

Throughout the campaign, Ford has promised to cut taxes for Ontarians, and continues to guarantee an end “hallway medicine.” He continues to say he is “for the little guy” and vows to cut $6 billion in government spending.

Horwath has been promoting her healthcare proposal, including a universal pharmacare program and extending dental care part-time, contract, freelance, self-employed and retired workers.

In the provincial budget, the Liberals plan to boost education funding with $625 million, introduce free full-day daycare for preschoolers and invest in high-speed rail from Toronto to Windsor.

So which party aligns with your beliefs? Take the quiz above to find out and share your results below!