QUIZ: How well do you know basic pot rules across Canada?

The day millions of people have been waiting for has arrived. It’s high time, buds. Recreational cannabis is legal across the country. Canada has gone to pot.

But wait! The rules may vary depending on what part of Canada you’re using it.

A Canadian flag with a marijuana leaf in the middle is seen on Parliament Hill. (The Guardian)
A Canadian flag with a marijuana leaf in the middle is seen on Parliament Hill. (The Guardian)

It’s important to know the rules before lighting up your chronic, blazing your spliff, putting some pot brownies in the oven, hitting a bong or refilling your pipe, or whatever other way you partake.

Test your knowledge with our quiz below!

The Cannabis Act legalizes recreational use of marijuana. It also regulates and restricts access to it in Canada, meaning it lays out specific do’s and don’ts for consumption of the drug across the country. That said, the federal government and provinces and territories share responsibility for its implementation.

That means provinces and territories will determine where it is sold, where stores operate and are located, along with the limits for possession, the minimum age required for purchase and consumption, restrictions on public use and additional requirements and prohibitions for growing pot at home.

In other words, just because the Cannabis Act says you can do something with pot in Canada, doesn’t mean you can do it everywhere. For instance, there are still some places in Canada where you can’t smoke pot in public, and some provinces have outright banned growing it at home.

So, tell us: did you hit a high with your pot IQ?

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