Race Across The World viewers say the same thing about Ladi

race across the world ladi monique
Race Across The World viewers love LadiBBC

Race Across The World is back for its third season and it’s better than ever.

The survival series sees contestants travel across a part of the world with no smartphones, credit cards, internet or technology in hopes of winning a huge cash prize.

This series, contestant Ladi has gotten viewers talking and they’re all saying the same thing.

Ladi, 52, and his daughter Monique, 25, from Essex are one of five duos racing to travel across Canada to try and win £20,000.

race across the world ladi monique

On why he decided to join his daughter, Ladi said: “I know that we're going to have an absolute ball on this adventure. She’s my princess and I will protect her through hell and high water and it's just an extension of that.

“I wouldn't want to see her travelling around the world without me being around to save her from all the various trials and tribulations and challenges. Not that she won't be able to handle it herself.” – Too cute, we love him already!

Fans of Race Across The World are saying the same, with many taking to Twitter to share their love for Ladi. “Don’t want to get carried away but I would take a bullet for Ladi,” gushed one viewer.

“I already love Ladi more than some family members,” joked another. Someone else said, "Ladi helping the guy clean the bus after being a nice tour guide is just top tier human being."

“Ladi is right if people are good to you, be good to them… and in return, they got a free car share. Rooting for these two,” wrote another, while someone else added, "Who’s the biggest gentleman on television and why is it Ladi?"

In the first episode of series three of Race Across The World, we saw contestants make their first steps on their journeys across Canada and it's safe to say that we are already hooked.

race across the world cast

Race Across The World is available to watch on BBC One.

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