Rachel Notley promises to create more jobs if NDP wins election

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EDMONTON — Alberta's NDP is promising to create 47,000 jobs if the party wins the provincial election set for May 29.

Leader Rachel Notley says an NDP government would also create a new tax credit to spur investment in areas including cleantech and critical minerals processing.

And it would invest $18 million into union-led skills and safety training facilities for industrial jobs.

At the announcement in Edmonton, Notley also criticized United Conservative Leader Danielle Smith for refusing to comment on her involvement in the criminal case of a Calgary pastor.

Arthur Pawlowski was convicted this week of mischief in a border-crossing blockade at Coutts, Alta., protesting against COVID-19 public health measures.

Smith, as premier, had a phone call with him before his trial.

Notley says Smith’s reticence is ridiculous given she is heard on tape offering to help Pawlowski and agreeing with his concerns about prosecutor trial tactics.

The Canadian Press